Building circles of support for people

so that they have a good life even after their parents are no longer here to stand up for them

Building circles of support for people

so that their families have peace of mind about the future

Building circles of support for people

so that they are empowered to realise their aspirations and contribute to their community

Building circles of support for people

so that they form intentional friendships that broaden and enrich their lives

Building circles of support for people

so that they develop stronger links in the wider community

Building circles of support for people

so that they are as fulfilled and happy as they can be

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A Rich Life

ACSYL (pronounced 'axle') builds support networks for people who are isolated by disability, mental health challenges or some other factor.

ACSYL believes that everyone needs and deserves the support of friends - trusted supporters who will be there when parents or family are no longer around.

If you have a family member who needs special care our programme can introduce them to new friends, enrich their quality of life and broaden their horizons.

We All Need Friends

One of the best long-term resources to have in place for a person is a circle of supportive people who know and care about his or her well-being.

We build on the work families do already, and give them a way of extending their support into the future. This means that vulnerable family members continue to live well and be cared for even after their parents have gone.

ACSYL empowers people by offering Information, Planning, Support, and Advocacy.

Exciting New Research on Down's Syndrome

27 Jun 2016

Horizons for people with Down's Syndrome keep on broadening.

Looking for Community Connectors in Cheltenham and Gloucester

16 May 2016

Our quest continues for Community Connectors to serve clients in Gloucestershire. We welcome applications from...

Learning More About Brain Plasticity

18 Apr 2016

Daniel Kish is a remarkable man. Having lost both eyes to retinal cancer when he was 13 months old, he is insatiably curious and has taught himself to navigate by clicking his tongue and listening for echoes.

A Day with Dr Temple Grandin 3rd June 2016 in Reading

15 Mar 2016

The National Autistic Society (NAS) has asked us to share an exciting invitation with anyone who might be interested. Dr Temple Grandin will be in Reading on the 3rd June, talking about her life and experiences.

Down's Syndrome Awareness Week: 20-26 March 2016

09 Mar 2016

We're delighted to announce that the Down's Syndrome Association (DSA) has chosen the theme "My Friends, My Community" for Awareness Week and World Down Syndrome Day 2016.

Spreading the word about Fragile X

15 Feb 2016

The Fragile X Society is asking for your help on Wednesday 16th March. It wants to raise the Welsh Assembly Government's awareness of Fragile X, and is inviting interested individuals and families to attend.

Wednesday 16th March 2016
National Assembly for Wales

New Resource: Generous Listening

09 Feb 2016

We've expanded the Flourishing section of our Resource list to include an article on generous listening.

How to Have a Good Life

06 Jan 2016

It's official: loneliness is toxic whereas good relationships boost your health. This fact was confirmed by Dr Robert Waldinger of Harvard Medical School in a recent TEDx talk.

A free safety card to keep in your wallet

16 Dec 2015

We're grateful to Kelly Hennessey-Ford, the Director of Keep Safe in Gloucestershire, who has kindly sent us some Keep Safe cards for distribution to interested people.

More About Keeping Safe

26 Nov 2015

Have you ever lost your bus pass or wallet and been worried about how to get home? Have you ever felt frightened or unwell when out on your own? Have you ever had difficulty making yourself understood? Then the Keep Safe Scheme is for you.

Always Learning

23 Nov 2015

Continuous learning is at the heart of our work because we want to learn all we can about our clients and how best to serve them.

Autism: Your Opportunity to Speak!

05 Nov 2015

The Royal College of GPs has made Autism a clinical priority from 2014 - 2017.  This gives people with autism, or those who care for them, a good opportunity to speak out.

Aspergers Awareness Support Group

28 Oct 2015

Next Meeting - Coleford
Tuesday 24th November
2 - 4pm

Guidance on Wills and Trusts

20 Oct 2015

Our Resource section has been expanded to include a new topic: Finance. The first article there is about free information events run by Mencap, featuring local specialist solicitors who have experience of drafting wills and trusts for the benefit of people with learning disabilities.

You Deserve Good Service

02 Oct 2015

The Herefordshire Safeguarding Adults Board is campaigning to make us all aware of the national Dignity Challenge. Here's what their website says:

Selected Partners

Kemble Care: Valuing Independence Gloucestershire County Council: Building Better Lives Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group