Building advocacy networks for people

so that they have a good life even after their parents are no longer here to stand up for them

Building advocacy networks for people

so that their families have peace of mind about the future

Building advocacy networks for people

so that they are empowered to realise their aspirations and contribute to their community

Building advocacy networks for people

so that they form intentional friendships that broaden and enrich their lives

Building advocacy networks for people

so that they develop stronger links in the wider community

Building advocacy networks for people

so that they are as fulfilled and happy as they can be

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Why Plan for Your Child's Future?

"Our nation will succeed or fail to the degree that all of us -- citizens and businesses alike -- are active participants in building strong, sustainable and enriching communities." - Arnold Hiatt

Why Does ACSYL Exist?

To ensure our family members have excellent life-long support from a group of friends and advocates so that we, their families, are confident that they will not suffer a reduction of life quality when we are no longer here to champion their cause.

Should We Make Decisions About Our Loved Ones' Future - Especially When They Are Adults?

"There is no magic to the task of keeping our relatives safe while at the same time respecting their choices. A tilt in the direction of over protection could a barren existence. A tilt in the direction of complete autonomy could lead to abuse and exploitation. The secret is balance. And checks.

And the best way to do that is by assembling the best people and resources. A Personal Network – combined with a Representation Agreement, control over the funding, and ongoing advocacy – is the best safety net we know.” - PLAN Institute, Canada.

How Can We Make Good Decisions?

We make good decisions by:

Involving the best people:
Parents, Family, Trusted Friends, Specialists in Law, Finance, Physical Health, Psychological Health, Emotional Health, Education, Social Resources

Using the best resources:
Lifetime Planning, Control of Funding, Strong Advocates

No paid worker or service can provide this depth or scope of attention to our loved one. A circle of true friends, however, can.

What About Social Services?

As parents it is unpalatable that the well-being of our children be left only in the hands of the state. There are many compassionate and caring people working in social services. We applaud their work and dedication. However, they do not have access to endless resources.

It's unlikely that Government funding will provide a solid foundation on which to build our children's future happiness and well-being. ACSYL shows families how to gain the support they need to ensure their relatives have good care throughout life.

Parents want a bright future for their children. Our children dream of a bright future for themselves. ACSYL provides a clear way for families to achieve that.

Good Decision-Making for Our Relative Means:

  1. they actively participate
  2. their views are sought and taken into consideration
  3. they are surrounded by caring, knowledgeable, trustworthy people who can assist with their decision-making, and communicate their decisions
  4. their needs are the primary consideration, not those of staff or the service system
  5. the focus is on their abilities
  6. their tastes, preferences, motives, and ability to discriminate are taken seriously
  7. their risks, failures, and mistakes are seen as learning opportunities
  8. all their methods of communication, both verbal and non-verbal, are recognised as valid.

Even with the best of intentions no single person can provide this level of attention. A structured group of friends can.

Friendship is long-term. Friends are not connected to or dependent on government funding. Friends care. Friends will help you out if you're in trouble - even at 11pm on a Friday night.

The Unexpected Reward to Circle Members

People usually join a circle of support because they want to help the person at the centre.

But they often gain more from the experience than they might expect. Circle members from around the world report benefits to themselves such as: increased personal well-being, new insights, spiritual growth, emotional support flowing their way, greater self-esteem, a sense of joy ... the list goes on.

Why not consider becoming part of the support network yourself?