Building advocacy networks for people

so that they have a good life even after their parents are no longer here to stand up for them

Building advocacy networks for people

so that their families have peace of mind about the future

Building advocacy networks for people

so that they are empowered to realise their aspirations and contribute to their community

Building advocacy networks for people

so that they form intentional friendships that broaden and enrich their lives

Building advocacy networks for people

so that they develop stronger links in the wider community

Building advocacy networks for people

so that they are as fulfilled and happy as they can be

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Circle Building

Who Builds The Circles of Support?

Each circle of support is built and maintained by a dedicated facilitator in consultation with the individual at the centre and with the family when appropriate. Circle building occurs in three stages: exploration, formation and maintenance.

Facilitators are recruited, trained and supported by ACSYL. They work to detailed guidelines under close supervision, and training is ongoing throughout.

What About Planning and Record-Keeping?

Because ACSYL provides support for the lifetime of the client, planning and record-keeping are crucial. ACSYL provides a secure place to hold a record of the plans and wishes expressed by the individual and family. It also helps ensure these plans and wishes are understood and respected by the people who form the circle of support. Planning can include the provisions made by statutory services, while also providing for additional support from family and friends. A planning discussion will indicate where the current gaps are, and ACSYL will work with the family to find resources to fill them.

Good planning also ensures that suitable financial and legal provisions are put in place while parents have the energy and capacity to do so.

Planning gives peace of mind to the family, and the knowledge that their vulnerable family member will be well looked after. Meticulous record-keeping is part of the facilitator's role, meeting regularly with the focus person and family in order to update work plans. This structure means that the circle of support is able to adapt as the focus person's aspirations, wishes and needs change over time.

What About Costs?

As a membership organisation, ACSYL charges each family an annual subscription. In addition, facilitator time is charged by the hour. To see our current schedule of fees (including the costs of authorised journeys undertaken by the facilitator), click here.